• Preproduction for ROCKY JONES began three years prior to the series.
  • Many of the first season episodes have a subtitle under the Rocky Jones Space Ranger title. It reads: An adventure in Space. Whether this is to clarify the show's subject matter or theme; was the original title, or was part of the original title is unknown

  • In 1951 Rolen Reed Productions created a Rocky Jones coloring book published by Whitman Printing. The initial printing sold nearly half a million copies, and subsequent printings sold well over a million! The coloring book was intended to "feel out" the market potential for Rocky Jones, and to pre-imagine and prepare some much needed preproduction concepts for the series.

  • In 1952 a Rocky Jones pilot was produced. This pilot is registed with the Library of Congress. After the pilot was shot, The key actors were replaced. Sally Mansfield took over the roll of Vena ray. Robert Lyden took over the roll of Bobby. And Charles Meredith took over the roll of Secretary Drake. 
  • Rocky Jones was a series made for syndication. Which means that any station could pick up the series at any time. As a result, many people who saw the original series saw it out of sequence, and even to this day there is some controversy over the correct order of the series. Also, the time consuming special effects sometimes took longer for some episodes thatn others, and it may be that the show was released when each episode was completed rather than any chronolical series time. 
  • Season one of Rocky Jones is copywriten 1953. Season two is copywritten 1954.
  • There are a total of 39 1/2 hour episodes to the Rocky Jones Space Ranger series. Three episodes are stand alones. The rest are three part episodes. There are 12 three part episodes, and three stand alones, for a total of 15 complete Rocky Jones episodes.
  • The series was canceled (like most science fiction gets canceled) due to the expensive special effects budget. The matte proceess that was used was new to television, expensive, and time consuming. Without making a profit, Rolen Reed Productions had to cancel the show.
  • Most of the merchandicing was done AFTER the series ended in 1954. It is possible that Rolen Reed Productions was trying to recoup their losses through merchandicing of Rocky Jones which was still in syndication.
  • In 1954, a record was produced (with later reproductions in different record formats/ speeds) which featured audio stories. One side featured a story called: Shipwrecked on Planet X; and the other side featured a story called: Rocky Jones and the Space Pirates. Whether this was left over scripts from the second season that were used, or new material is unknown.
  • The three part episodes were edited together by Rolen Reed Productions into hour and a half movies. Most aired in 1956 and went into syndication after that. In theory, there should be a total of 12 Rocky Jones movies in existance - though I have only ever seen five available for purchase in today's DVD market.

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