This is a list of the characters in the Rocky Jones universe.

Not every actor gets credit or mentioned in the Rocky Jones series. The average actor list for each episode is seldom longer then 10 names!Edit

The actor name list for the edited movies is even shorter than the tv series!Edit

No character names (other than Rocky Jones) are seen in print in the episode credits. So the correct spelling of some of the characters in the series are suspect.

Back in those days, only speaking parts deserved any screen credit, and then it had to be more than eight words! So an actor just saying "hello", might not get a credit. You got credit if you were paid above scale; had more than one line; if your famous name could be exploited for marketing; and were of legal age; so often, children did not get credits even if they had speaking parts or a long time on screen.

So, to everyone left unknown on Rocky Jones - we thank you, and salute you!

Blast Off Syncronizer Switch Guy -Edit

This uncredited cast member with the lively kercheif and metal helmet shows up in three episodes. "Beyond the Curatin of Space", "Bobby's Comet", and "Forbidden Moon".

This unsung hero of The United Worlds has the thankless job of standing out in all types of weather with no shelter, no shade - not even an umbrella! - and then saluting a loud speaker before pressing four buttons in sequence so that the blast off syncronizer pulses can annoy everyone for miles around and announce the countdown to the electronicly activated blast off! No one else is qulified to operate such a task - except when Rocky does it himself in ____, or when they just flat out ignore the process...

But never the less, Blast Off Syncronizer Switch Guy is there when you need him! Rain or shine! Day or night! Friendless, and dedicated to the United Worlds! Doing his part! ...Even though a monkey could do that job...

God, he must be so lonely...