Portrayed By: John Banner
Appearance: Rocky's Odyssey
Affiliations: Cotanda

Bovaro was the husband of Cotanda and king of Posito.

Posito is one half of the Gypsy Moons - the other half being Negato. ("Gypsy Moons" and later, "Crash of Moons").

Angry and gruff, Bovaro was mainly out to protect his people from the deadly Negato Music which was a weapon that could drive most listeners (and viewers) insane! Bovaro wants Negato destroyed at any cost - which is just too much to ask of any Space Ranger! Not to mention that destruction of one moon would leave the other one adrift and alone, and badly affected!

While Rocky tries to find a peaceful solution with Bovaro, Vena Ray becomes friends with his wife Cotanda, who is also wary of where her beloved husband's anger is taking him. She continuously tries to calm him down and think about his rash, desperate actions and the consequences that could result.

Finally, with the help of Rocky Jones, Bovaro finds compassion, and with the threat of the Negato Music eliminated, Pisito and Negato make peace.

In the follow up episode, "Crash of Moons", it is discovered that Posito and Negato are now on a collision course with Ophicius!

With the war ended between Posito and Negato, Bovaro moves on to a better existence! Bovaro and Cotanda present Rocky with their new son - proving that some people in space do have a life!

It is determined that Posito, Bovaro's home and kingdom, will crash into Ophicius, destroying them both, while Negato will remain unharmed (oh, the irony!).

Now Bovaro must move his people to a strange planet. Meanwhile on Ophicius, Cleolanthe plans the destruction of Posito in order to save her own miserable planet from destruction! Her plans are foiled, however, and like Bovaro, Cleolanthe is forced to move, together with her people, to another world, to start a new and better life.

Unfortunately, we never get to see how Bovaro, Cotanda, and their new son make out on their new home of Negato. Rocky Jones never returned to Negato in the series to find out, and they are never mentioned again. The same fate befell Cleolanthe and her people as well.

In the character of Bovaro (played by John Banner) you can see the begining of the famous growling bark of a response made famous by John Banner's later character of Sgt. Schultz in "Hogan's Heros".